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Hydrothermal Conversion of Biomass Waste into Bio-based Chemicals and Materials

Thursday 26 May 2016, 11.30AM

Speaker(s): Dr Shicheng Zhang, Fudan University

Hydrothermal conversion of biomass waste for valuable chemicals and materials is a promising environment friendly option for biomass resource utilization. Based on the concept of biorefinery applying hydrothermal process, the production of bio-oil, bio-based chemicals and hydrochar is likely to achieve an integrated utilization of biomass waste and for environmental management simultaneously. Hydrothermal process degrades and converts biomass waste into bio-oil with high energy content. The process is influenced by serial factors including temperature, pressure, residence time, concentration and catalyst. The compositions and properties of bio-oil obtained respectively from lignocellulosic biomass and wet biomass are highly related to their main components. The bio-based chemicals such as sugars, HMF, organic acids and phenolics can be recovered from the aqueous fraction as well as extraction and separation from the bio-oil.

Location: C/F/106