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Bio-filaments morphologies revealed by liquid crystal droplets

Thursday 17 March 2016, 12.00PM to 1:00 pm

Speaker(s): Professor Maria Helena Godinho, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The structures of liquid crystal droplets, pierced by microfilaments, are very sensitive to small variations of the threads morphologies [1]. Studying the surface morphologies of filaments, with diameters of the order of micrometers, in particular natural fibres, is essential to the understanding of the relationship between their structure/properties. This work describes a simple way for surface detection of various fibres as well as non-woven membranes.

[1] L. E. Aguirre, A. de Oliveira, D. Sec, S. Copar, P. L. Almeida, M. Ravnik, M. H. Godinho and S. ┼Żumer, PNAS 2016, 113(5), 1174–1179.

Please contact Isabel Saez (; tel. extension 2607) if you are interested in talking to Professor Godinho

Location: C/B101