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Friday 21 February 2020, 10.00AM to 3 PM

This day of hands-on science is for post-16 students and will give a valuable insight into some of the most important topics in chemistry for the future. Curious about chemistry in the real world? Experience chemistry outside the classroom and learn how modern chemistry is tackling some of the biggest issues we face today by participating in these three workshops. 

  • With the world population set to reach 9 billion before 2050, how we manage our resources and feed our planet will be more and more important. Yet we waste around 40% of our food. Get some hands on experience in our lab looking at how we can put our waste to use. We’ll be extracting useful chemicals from citrus peel: When life gives you lemons, make limonene!
  • Over 80% of the UK population now lives in urban areas. Come and find out which gases fill our cities, where they come from, the effects they have, and how they can be reduced.
  • While ozone in the stratosphere protects us from skin cancer, ozone closer to the ground acts as an air pollutant and greenhouse gas. Discover how much ozone there is in the air we breathe through spectrochemical analysis and learn how light drives the formation of ozone.

The day will take the format of a short introduction followed by the three activities, each lasting 1 hour. 


Location: Department of Chemistry, University of York

Admission: Booking is essential