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Fallowfeld and Francis account

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Please note that this document contains sexually explicit language.

Fallowfeld and Francis account


Radulphus Falowfeld de Overpopleton' xxx annorum etatis ultra ut creditur li[bere] …. Wilstore promotoris officii contra Edwardum Hewitson nuper de Popleton’ … deponens et ipse Edwardus venerunt in quandam clausuram magistri Josepf …. Dictus Edwardus clekid istum deponentem per brachium et osculabatur istum deponentem … videlicet istius deponentis et desird him to stand and osculatur istem deponentem ….leiff and said he wold be undone and he usd it and bad fie on h…. ye Jubarty ye will be lost by it inter decem … elapsis

Franciscus Man de Liland parochie de Usburne Parva xxviii annorum etatis ad minus libere c[onditionis] ... iuratus et examinatus dicit quod ipsemet deponens venit a patre suo Petro Mane … morantem adtunc apud Overpopleton’ propter plagam sementem in civitate E[bor’] ... desideratat dictum deponentem a Magistro Metcalf predicto ut pernoctaret hac in … iste dicit et sic idem deponens ut dicit accessit cum eodem Edwardo et ivit ad lect[um] … Edwardus in lecto venit et dixit isto deponenti quod he had as good a cuntt … iste deponens ut dicit vertebat se a lecto ab eodem Edwardo interrogatus de re … annos elapsos.


Ralph Fallowfield of Over Poppleton of above 30 years of age, as it is believed, of free [condition] … of Wilstore promotor of the office case against Edward Hewitson late of Poppleton … the deponent and that Edward came to a certain close belonging to Master Joseph [ ] The said Edward clecked this deponent by the arm and kissed this deponent … that is of this deponent and desired him to stand and kissed this deponent … lief and said he would be undone and he used it and bad fie on … ye jubarty ye will be lost by it. Between ten … having elapsed.

Francis Man of Liland in the parish of Little Osburn of the age of 28 years or less of free condition …. Sworn and examined, says that the deponent himself came from his father, Peter Man … staying at over Poppleton on account of some sown land in the city of York … he asked the said deponent from the aforesaid Master Metcalf so that he should stay the night … he says, and so the same deponent as he says went with the same Edward and went to bed … Edward came to bed and said to this deponent that he had as good a cunt … this deponent, as he says, turned himself out of the bed away from the same Edward. Asked about … years past