Accessibility statement

Harmful language statement

The Borthwick provides access to a great variety of archival material, with some collections reflecting the language and values of their period. As such, it is not uncommon to encounter collection material that can be uncomfortable, including collections containing offensive language or imagery, outmoded or disrespectful terminology, or evidence of insensitive or discriminatory views. As part of its commitment to understanding our history, the Borthwick continues to work to make this material available for research, in some cases choosing to preserve outmoded language where it is necessary to facilitate discovery and retrieval.

The work of arranging and describing collections cannot be performed neutrally, with cataloguing decisions and description reflecting the perspectives of those working with collections. In step with efforts elsewhere in the field, the Borthwick is beginning a programme of ongoing, iterative review of its descriptive practices, revisiting and revising catalogue records where appropriate. To provide feedback on improvements that could be made to a catalogue record, please e-mail