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Dr James Stockdale

Associate Lecturer

Teaching and scholarship


My teaching goal is to help each student develop themselves; whether with specific analytical, technical, creative, communication, or group management skills; or in growing passionate dedication to their next career step. The complex problems presented by the study of ecology are an exciting challenge – both theoretically and practically – and offer the opportunity to learn about the causes, impacts and innovative solutions of some of the most important global challenges that society faces.


Tutorials provide a unique learning experience for students so be prepared for active participation! Whether focusing on (i) key issues of Biogeochemistry and Global Change Ecology, or (ii) on the challenges and benefits of the successful communication and translation of science in the ‘real world’; this opportunity for self-directed group study will extend you across a range of disciplines, sectors, and skills.


My projects reflect my own research interests in understanding the Biogeochemical cycles of natural-, managed-, and agri-ecosystems. Whilst being a key consideration of our attempts to manage the growing climate emergency, the study of greenhouse gas emissions improve the understanding of terrestrial ecosystem function, including ecological interactions between plant and soil communities, and their dynamic environment.

My projects also reflect my professional interests in how science is effectively communicated to non-scientific stakeholders, with specific reference to the global challenges of Environmental Sustainability and Food Security. These marvellously broad areas of research include the need to discuss aspects of environmental, economic and social sustainability across the private, public, and voluntary sectors.

Research and Knowledge Exchange

The research that I am most enthusiastic about relates to biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen; and also in the development of novel technologies for enhancing the quality and availability of data in ecological studies, particularly the emission of greenhouse gases.

My research experience is spread across agricultural, forest and peatland systems, most often in the manipulation of field plots to study the effect of climate change and land management. The data produced by these kind of ecological studies is valuable for the insights that it provides, but also as the foundation for larger scale modelling, and to improve climate-balance by better informing land-use management policy. My interest in how outputs from academic research flow into the rest of society has focused on Knowledge Exchange across all sectors of the agri-food system, and on the translation of York’s greenhouse gas emission research into the commercial sector.

Contact details

Dr James Stockdale
Associate Lecturer
Department of Biology - Room B/T/222
University of York
Wentworth Way
YO10 5DD