Telephone screening is an additional method that can form part of your shortlisting process.

It is useful for reducing a 'longlist' of candidates appearing to match the person specification to a final shortlist.

How to use telephone screening

Telephone screening is usually undertaken by the recruiting manager, who should:

  • contact the relevant candidates in advance to make arrangements for a phone interview
  • prepare a set of job-specific questions which can be covered within 30 minutes
  • calls the applicants and asks the prepared questions in a consistent manner
  • take notes of each phone interview - including questions asked and answers received - which should be retained in line with the recruitment policy (paragraph 5.2)


  • If the vacancy requires the decision of the panel, then the panel's consensus should be obtained as to which candidates should be telephoned
  • Check the candidate's application form to see if they have any particular requirements for a telephone interview
  • The candidate should be phoned by the University
  • The candidate should be called on a landline number wherever possible