Vacancies are advertised in one of three ways. You will choose your advertising method when you set up your vacancy.

All vacancies are shared with staff on the redeployment register. Anyone applying on a redeployment basis must be considered before other applicants. We will contact you if this happens.

1. External advertisement

Open, external recruitment should be your default approach, in line with the University's principle of open competition in recruitment.

We will advertise your job in the following channels:

If you want to place adverts in other media, contact us for advice. We can normally support one additional online advert for Grade 6 and above vacancies, but your department may need to pay any additional costs.

Jobs are advertised externally for a minimum of two weeks, though academic posts are typically advertised for 28 days.

2. Internal advertisement

Advertising internally can support the career progression of existing staff. It may be a good option when you are confident that there is enough talent and interest among existing staff to produce a shortlist of candidates with the necessary qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and qualities.

Internal recruitment also runs to shorter timescales. Adverts run for six working days, unless you want a longer period. A shorter application form using job specific questions encourages a more skills-focused approach.

3. Advertisement to a specific group of staff

In exceptional circumstances (such as when restructuring is taking place that puts existing jobs at risk) a vacancy may be restricted to a particular set of staff.

If you think this is relevant to your vacancy, ask us about the process you should follow.