Panel members should be able to engage with candidates and positively reflect the working culture of the department.

Consider the membership of your selection panel carefully. The interview is a two-way process, so choose individuals who will add real value to the recruitment process by asking the right questions and understanding the requirements and importance of the role.

Identifying your interviewers early makes it easier to agree meeting and interview dates.

Who should be on my panel?

All members of staff involved in the selection of staff should satisfy themselves that they are appropriately trained and can comply with the requirements of the recruitment policy.

All reasonable steps should be taken to achieve a gender balance on the shortlisting panel.

As a minimum requirement:

Support posts

The University's recruitment policy confirms that both shortlisting and interviewing should be carried out by at least two people.

Academic, Research and Teaching posts

For ART roles a larger panel is recommended:

Grade 6 appointments (Associate Lecturer, Research Associate)

We would suggest:

  • For teaching roles, the Head of Department / School (HoD/S) or their nominee will chair the panel
  • For research roles, the Principle Investigator will chair the panel
  • One or two other relevant staff, including representation from another department if possible

Grade 7 academic, research or teaching positions

The panel should be:

  • Chaired by the Head of another Department / School
  • Two members of the recruiting Department including the Head of Department / School
  • A panel member from outside of the recruiting Department

Grade 8 academic, research or teaching positions

The panel should be:

  • Chaired by a Dean or Associate Dean of Faculty
  • Two members of the recruiting department, including the HoD/S
  • One member of another department
  • One external assessor (required only for Reader appointments)


Please refer to the chair and senior management recruitment guidelines (authorised users of the MI Gateway should look under University data and documents > HR)

Head of Department or School

The panel will include:

  • Vice-Chancellor or Deputy Vice-Chancellor (as Chair)
  • The Dean of Faculty
  • A member of the HR Leadership Team
  • A departmental representative
  • A student representative