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social care
Vision Rehabilitation Services in England
Results of a national survey, workshops and case studies of services
social work - face of serious boy
What are the experiences of participants on the Work Programme?
new research details how they got on and whether it worked for them
health - young disabled child in chair
People who pay for their own social care
What do we know about them?
What help do they receive when choosing care?
social care - controls on fitness machine
Taking On and Taking Over
Physically disabled young adults - what is the best way to help them as they take control of their support?

The Social Policy Research Unit has an international reputation for excellence in research in social policy, especially health and social care, poverty, welfare and social work.

Based at the University of York since it was established in 1973, The Social Policy Research Unit (SPRU) has become recognised as one of the leading centres for research in social policy in the UK. Three strong commitments underpin SPRU’s research:

  • to reflect, and communicate, the experiences and views of the users and beneficiaries of services and policy interventions;
  • to recognise that people’s lives do not divide into neat segments which coincide with agency and professional boundaries, and to engage in research which crosses these boundaries;
  • to make our research influential in bringing about change, and therefore to communicate findings effectively to key audiences; and engage actively with policy makers and practitioners in thinking through their implications.

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SPRU is part of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University of York, which is rated number 3 in the country for research quality and equal first for research impact.

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