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First wellbeing action day champions sustainable volunteering

Posted on 8 March 2024

The first wellbeing action day organised by the York for Life alumni sustainability network championed alumni, staff, and students coming together to improve the campus environment.

a woman is crouched down next to some tree guard spirals with lots of trees behind her

On the 6th March 2024, the York for Life alumni sustainability network hosted its first wellbeing action day, with the aim of making a positive impact on both individual wellbeing and the local environment.

The event was held in tandem with the university's sustainability week, bringing together a diverse cohort of 14 volunteers including alumni, staff, and students. Participants engaged in community tree maintenance with a concerted effort to remove plastic tree guards. The afternoon was particularly successful as attendees cleared nearly all the tree guards from two distinct woodland areas on the Heslington East campus.

In addition to hands-on conservation efforts, participants also had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of biodiversity across the campus. Gordon Eastham, the University's Grounds & Ecology Manager, enriched the experience with valuable knowledge about sustainable practices.

Reflecting on the event's impact, many attendees expressed that they felt significantly better than they did at the start of the afternoon. One remarked that they found the atmosphere "friendly and welcoming", while another said that they liked "the chance to make an environmental difference whilst being outside in the fresh air."

Looking ahead the York for Life Alumni Sustainability Network aims to organise future Wellbeing Action Days, continuing to promote sustainability initiatives while nurturing individual wellbeing within the university community.

Find out more about the Alumni Sustainability Network by heading to their dedicated webpage. If you would like to volunteer your time with us or get involved with future Wellbeing Action Days, please contact