Biennial Death & Culture Conference

Death & Culture III, September 2020

The human response to mortality is a research theme across the arts, humanities and social sciences. As a result, our biennial conference seeks to provide a forum for networking and sharing interdisciplinary death scholarship. We welcome research rooted in empirical studies as well as conceptual and theoretical engagement which focus on cultural responses to death and the ways it has shaped understandings and perspectives on mortality. Our conference promotes continue engaging with the study of mortality as an academic enterprise, supported by evidence and framed by theoretical engagement. Truly interdisciplinary in nature, these events bring together death scholars, including postgraduates, as well as those who might not consider themselves death scholars whose work overlaps with death and the dead.

Call for papers:

The call for papers for Death & Culture III will open duirng 2019. Please join our mailing list to be the first to know when the call is announced. 

Day symposia

DaCNet hosts at least one day-symposium annually, for more information, see the link above.

Previous Conferences

Death & Culture II (6-7 September 2018)

Keynote addresses from: Professor Joanna Bourke, Professor Dina Khapaeva, and Professor Stephen Regan.

Download the DC2-2018 (PDF  , 2,658kb).


Death & Culture I (1-3 September 2016)

Keynote addresses from: Professor Jacque Lynn Foltyn, Professor Sarah Tarlow, Dr Michele Aaron, and Professor Eva Reimers.

Download the DC1-2016 (PDF  , 2,934kb)