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Link to Acrobat Reader download site.

From here, you can download our activity sheets to keep for yourself or print out. These documents are in Adobe pdf format. To view them, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer; you can download Acrobat Reader freely from here.

ActivityActivity sheet to download
EggsperimentsActivity sheet download.Eggsperiments pdf file (168KB).
Fun with FlourActivity sheet download.Fun with Flour pdf file (79KB).
Celery Rocks!Activity sheet download.Celery Rocks! pdf file (99KB).
Go GreenActivity sheet download.Go Green pdf file (143KB).
DIY DNAActivity sheet download.DIY DNA pdf file (259KB).
SupermoleculesActivity sheet download.Supermolecules pdf file (70KB).
It's a Gas!Activity sheet download.Its a Gas! pdf file (113KB).
Let's Get PhysicalActivity sheet download.Let's Get Physical pdf file (95KB).
Red Hot, Cool ChemistryActivity sheet download.Red Hot, Cool Chemistry pdf file (99KB).
Soapy ScienceActivity sheet download.Soapy Science pdf file (133KB).
The Acid TestActivity sheet download.The Acid Test pdf file (102KB).
If you prefer, you can download all our activity sheets in a single pdf file:
 Activity sheet download.All our activities in one pdf file (1,116KB).

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