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Please choose an activity from the selection below. Most of these activities require adult supervision – safety notes are highlighted in red and should be followed carefully.

Eggsperiments activity.Eggsperiments
Find out how to make a fresh egg float and the secret to shelling a raw egg.
It's a Gas activity.It's a Gas!
Make your own fizzy drinks, discover an easy way to inflate balloons and build a rocket.
Fun with Flour activity.Fun with Flour
Make your own glue, paint, play dough or even a Santa like ours, all from flour.
Let's Get Physical activity.Let's Get Physical
Discover magical materials by learning how to grow your own crystals and make silly putty.
Celery Rocks! activity.Celery Rocks!
Customise your own celery with stripes of colour, like the letters through a stick of rock.
Red Hot, Cool Chemistry activity.Red Hot, Cool Chemistry
Find out about temperature by building your own thermometer and making your own ice cream.
Go Green activity.Go Green
Find out about recycling, green chemistry and why starch is used in biodegradable packaging.
Soapy Science activity.Soapy Science
Make bubbles, investigate how detergents work and measure surface tension.
DIY DNA activity.DIY DNA
Turn your kitchen into a forensic laboratory by extracting the DNA from a kiwi fruit.
The Acid Test activity.The Acid Test
Find out how to use a boiled cabbage to measure acidity and how to write secret messages.
Supermolecules activity.Supermolecules
How supermolecules can create a blue sky from a drop of milk and get your washing up clean.

You'll be able to download an activity sheet in Adobe Acrobat format from each of the activity pages. If you'd prefer to download all our activity sheets in one go, follow the link or choose Downloads from the menu. You'll find a link to get Adobe Acrobat Reader on the downloads page.

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