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About us

Science on the Shelves is a collaboration between the Department of Chemistry at the University of York in the UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Partnerships for Public Awareness scheme. The coordinator for our project is Dr. Nigel Lowe, based here at York. This site was a proud participant in Science Year and has become an officially-badged project of Planet Science. Science on the Shelves is part of the National Grid for Learning and a Virtual Teacher Centre badged site.

Read on to find out a bit more about each of these:

Picture of Nigel Lowe.Nigel Lowe is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Chemistry at the University of York, with interests in science communication and the study of chemistry through real-world and industrial applications.

University of York Department of Chemistry.University of York Department of Chemistry.
The University was ranked recently 6th out of 172 UK institutions for research. Chemistry has an excellent reputation for teaching and research, with a 5 rating in the 2001 RAE.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is the main UK body supporting fundamental science and technology. EPSRC's Partnerships for Public Awareness scheme helps scientists engage with a wider audience.

Planet Science.Planet Science aims to inspire and enthuse young people into learning more about science (and enjoying the experience!). A successor to Science Year, it is funded by the UK's Department for Education and Skills.

National Grid for Learning.National Grid for Learning (NGfL) is the UK gateway to educational resources on the internet for students, teachers and education managers. It provides links to selected websites that offer high quality content and information.

NGfL Virtual Teacher Centre.Virtual Teacher Centre, part of the National Grid for Learning, provides services and resources to teachers and other school staff. It is managed by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta).


The practical activities described on this website have been variously designed, collated, tested, modified, annotated and illustrated through the contributions of the following staff and graduate students of the Department of Chemistry at the University of York: Chris Ennis, Anne Louise Haggerstone, Annie Hodgson, Charlotte Jones, Joanne Ladds, Christine Love, Kelly Morley, Carl Palmer, Hayley Patterson and Dave Smith.

Website design by John Busby and Jane Tomlinson.

All cartoons are copyright of Doug Lawrence.

All photographs aside from those attributed specifically below are copyright of John Olive.

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