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Silvia P. Gennari
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)



  • Comahue National University, Argentina BSc, MA (1990)
  • Brown University, MSc in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences (1996)
  • Brown University, PhD in Cognitive and Linguistics Sciences (1999)



Graduated from Brown University in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences. After 4 years postdoctoral research on language processing and cognitive neuroscience at the University of Maryland and the University of Wisconsin (USA), she moved to a lectureship at Sussex before joining York in 2005.

Departmental roles

She teaches Introduction to Psychology of Language and Brain and Language in the first and second year of the undergraduate degree. She also offers advanced modules on language and cognition in the third year of the undergraduate program.

University roles

Admission officer for Postgraduate Taught programmes. Director of the MRes programme



Sentence production and comprehension, cognitive neuroscience of language, representing event and time in language and memory, the interaction of language, attention and cognition in different languages.


I am currently working on two main research areas. The first area concerns the representation of time in language and memory, e.g., how we process and recollect the duration of the events that we observe or hear about, and more generally, how we store and recollect familar events  (e.g., cooking). This may include research on the influence of native language on processing and remembering information, e.g., by comparisons across different languages.

The second area concerns sentence processing, and specifically, the relationship between sentence production and comprehension throughout development and in adults, including comparions across different languages. 

I would be happy to supervise projects in these areas using neuro-imaging, eye-tracking and other behavioral techniques.










Research group(s)

  • Language Processing



  • Maryellen MacDonald  - University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Barbara Malt - University of Lehigh
  • Garreth Gaskell, Jelena Mirkovic - University of York
  • Marta Coll-Florit  - Open University of Catalonia, Spain
  • Manuel de Vega - University of Laguna, Spain


Selected publications

  • Wang Y. & Gennari, S. P. (2019) How language and event recall can shape memory for time, Cognitive Psychology, 108, 1-21.
  • Mollo, G., Jefferies, E. Cornelissen, P. Gennari, S. P. (2018) Context-dependent lexical ambiguity resolution: MEG evidence for the time- course of activity in left inferior frontal gyrus and posterior middle temporal gyrus, Brain and Language, 177-178, 23-36.
  • Faber, M. & Gennari, S. P. (2017) Effects of learned episodic event structure on prospective duration judgments, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition. 43(8),1203-1214.
  • Humphreys, G., Mirkovic, J., Gennari, S. P. (2016) Similarity-based competition in relative clause production and comprehension, Journal of Memory and Language, 89, 200-221
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  • Coll-Florit, M. & Gennari. S. P. (2011). Time in language: Event duration in sentence comprehension, Cognitive Psychology, 62, 41-79.
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Full publications list

A full list of publications and downloads can be found on Silvia Gennari's personal web page.



  • Introduction to psychology of Language
  • Brain and Language
  • Language and Cognition

External activities


  • Society for the Neurobiology of Language
  • Cognitive Science Society
  • Experimental Psychology Society

Editorial duties

  • Cognition - Action editor
  • Language, Cognition and Neuroscience - Editorial board member

Contact details

Dr Silvia Gennari
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
Department of Psychology
Room PS/C225

Tel: 01904 322877