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25th Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting

York, England, UK - Tuesday 7 September - Friday 10 September 2021

Registration and abstract submission opening - Date TBC

The ultimate goal of the EU-US Transport Task Force (TTF) is to develop a physics-based understanding of particle, momentum, and heat transport in magnetic fusion devices. This understanding must be of sufficient depth as to allow the development of predictive models that can be validated against experiment and used to simulate the future performance of burning plasmas in ITER and next-step fusion energy reactors.


Credits: Julia-Sanchis

TTF2018 (Seville)

The meeting is open to studies covering multiple areas including:

• Ion and electron thermal transport
• Fast ion transport and impact on confinement
• Particle and impurity transport
• Momentum transport and intrinsic rotation
• The physics of the L-H and H-L transitions
• Turbulence and transport in the pedestal and ITBs
• Transport processes in the scrape off layer
• 3-D equilibrium effects on transport

The European TTF continues to act as a framework for topical discussions on transport, and provides the natural connection with the US TTF and the Asia-Pacific Transport Working Group. This conference aims to strengthen collaboration and communication within the transport community, particularly between experimental and theoretical experts, scientists who focus on different regions within fusion plasmas, and between the tokamak, reversed field pinch, and stellarator communities. To this end, having ample time for questions and answers as well as dedicated discussion time are at the core of the European TTF meeting. Moreover, the European TTF is committed to fostering the education and careers of young fusion scientists. For this reason, contributions from PhD students and post docs are particularly welcome.

Advance Graduate School

We would like to invite all PhDs and Postdocs to attend the Advanced Graduate School which takes place on Monday 6 September 2021, if you would like further information about this event please follow the link below:

Advanced Graduate School

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