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Talk Slides Submission

If you gave a talk at the meeting and would be happy for us to make a copy of your slides available via the password-protected area of the website, please share them by following these instructions. 

DropOff Instructions

  1. Go to DropOff
  2. Select the 'Drop-off' option (i.e. to upload a file for a York user)
  3. Enter your name, your organisation and your e-mail address, then complete the reCAPTCHA and press 'Send confirmation'
  4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you from entitled '[DropOff] You are trying to drop off some files' 
  5. Click the hyperlink in the e-mail and then, in the tab that opens, enter the recipient's details (see below) and press 'Add & Close'

    Recipient name: Jenni Lucas                 Recipient e-mail address:

  6. Select 'Click to Add Files or Drag Them Here' and add your slides
  7. Check that the file has been successfully added, then select 'Drop-off Files'