It's easy to embed a map on a page. The map module takes a container element and a lat/long string.

You can specify most of the details of the map using data- attributes on a div with a js-map class.

Simple Map


var t = new MAP({
  container: $('.js-map'),
  location: "53.945746, -1.047011"


<div class="c-map js-map" data-location="53.945746, -1.047011"></div>


  • container - (DOM node/jQuery object) the container element (required). All containers with a class of js-map will automatically be made into maps as long as they have a data-location attribute.
  • location - (string) the location to pinpoint on the map (required). Will be used as the centre for more complex maps with multiple locations.
  • zoom - (int) the zoom level (optional). 0 is fully zoomed out, 20 is fully zoomed in (default 15)