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Here you can find out what students in the Department of Language and Linguistic Science think about the benefits of studying for a postgraduate degree and what they have gained at York.

Chloe Patman, MA Forensic Phonetics (2022)

"I loved doing my undergraduate degree at York so much so that I couldn't have imagined doing my Masters anywhere else."

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Tasmin Smith, MA Forensic Phonetics (2022)

"It has taken my knowledge and interest in phonetics to another level."

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Catherine Laing, PhD in Linguistics (2017)

"York is an excellent place to be if you want to do research in linguistics."

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Saudi Sadiq, PhD in Linguistics (2017)

"One of the best points about York for me as someone responsible for a family is the support I have been receiving from my supervisors."

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Carla Xavier, PhD in Linguistics (expected 2018)

"I really enjoy the participation of visiting scholars in seminars and the other activities promoted by the department."

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Sophie Bonifaz, MSc in Forensic Speech Science (2014)

"My experience at York has given me more confidence in my skills as a linguist and helped me grow as a person."

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Katharina Klug, MSc in Forensic Speech Science (2014)

"I really enjoy the forensic laboratory sessions in which we are working with real case recordings."

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Irene Chen Shen, MSc in Forensic Speech Science (2014)

"York has a very strong academic environment lead by a group of excellent scholars. The campus is beautiful and people are friendly, it’s a great place to live and study."

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Theresa Donohoe, MA in Sociolinguistics (2014)

"I've been inspired and enriched by getting to participate in the academic community with in Language & Linguistic Science."

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Miyuki Kamiya, MA in Linguistics (2014)

"I knew that all the staff were very approachable and supportive."

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Eloi Puig-Mayenco, MA in Linguistics (2014)

"I have enjoyed every single module during the degree."

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Daniel Thomas, MA in Linguistics (2014)

"My favorite aspect is probably the variety of my experience."

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