Accessibility statement

Saudi Sadiq, PhD in Linguistics from 2012

What are your research interests / what are you working on?

My research interests include: language and linguistics, language variation, Arabic linguistics, sociolinguistics, Arabic sociolinguistics, Arabic dialects, Egyptian Arabic, translation studies, and translation criticism. I am working on dialect convergence: how Minia Arabic (in the middle of Egypt) speakers converge towards Cairene Arabic on lexical and phonological levels.

Why York rather than somewhere else?

The department is one of the best linguistics departments across UK in teaching and research, attracting an increasing number of international students.

How has your experience at York broadened your horizons as a linguist?

My experience at York has helped me to look at linguistics from different angles. Linguistics is a complex image composed of many threads: phonology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, etc. York has taught me to look to an angle without neglecting the others. This has been achieved through York’s Colloquium, seminars and reading groups.

What’s the level of support like from staff and the department as a whole, are they receptive to feedback?

One of the best points about York for me as someone responsible for a family is the support I have been receiving from my supervisors and members of staff, including the postgraduate administrator, IT experts, statistics experts, library staff, etc.

What has been your favourite aspect of living and studying at York so far?

Safety is one of the best aspects of living in York, especially for a student with a family. Also, York schools are very good for children.

What do you feel is the most important thing you will take away from your experience at York?

Experience obtained from work with very diligent scholars. Friendship with distinguished students and scholars in the future.


Thesis topic

Regional dialect levelling in Egypt: The impact of Cairene Arabic on Minia Arabic