Accessibility statement

Facilities for postgraduate students

Berrick Saul Building

Students will have access to the postgraduate study area which is housed on two floors of the newly-developed Berrick Saul Building - purpose-built accommodation at the heart of the University campus. The Berrick Saul Building is home to the Humanities Research Centre, which provides high-quality workspace for arts and humanities research postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers and is a hub for arts and humanities activities on campus, hosting international colloquia, seminars and conferences.

Data Lab

The data lab houses various corpora collected by and used in the department.  It is equipped with computers running various software that can be used to conduct data-oriented research, e.g. acoustic, corpus or statistical analysis. The data lab can also be used for meetings, discussions and presentations, or simply as a study space when available. 

Forensics Lab

The department has dedicated lab space for use by Forensic Speech Science staff and students, where data can be stored securely.  As part of the MSc in Forensic Speech Science, students work with authentic forensic case data in weekly lab sessions.

Psycholinguistics Lab

The psycholinguistics lab is equipped with computers running E-Prime and Matlab, which can be used to run audio and visual behavioural experiments.