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Bill Haddican



  • New York University
  • University of York



My research focuses on language change, syntax and language contact particularly as these relate to Basque and dialects of English.


Selected publications

  • W. Haddican & B. Plunkett (eds) (in preparation) Formalising syntactic variability.
  • Haddican, B. (to appear). Mid Vowel Raising and Second Vowel Deletion in Oiartzun Basque. (With P. Foulkes). To appear in a volume edited by X. Artiagoitia and J. A. Lakarra.
  • Haddican, B. (to appear). Euskal perpausaren oinarrizko espez-buru-osagarri hurrenkeraren aldeko argudio batzuk (Some arguments for an underlying spec-head-complement order for the Basque Clause.) In Antisimetriaren Hipotesia vs Buru Parametroa: euskararen hitz hurrenkera ezbaian (ed.) X. Artiagoitia and A. Elordieta. Gasteiz: U. of the Basque Country.
  • Haddican, B. (to appear). On Egin: Do-support in Basque. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.
  • Haddican, B. (to appear). Suburbanization and Language Change in Basque. Language in Society 36.
  • Haddican, B. (to appear). The Structural Deficiency of Verbal Pro-forms. York Papers in Linguistics. Linguistic Inquiry.
  • Haddican, B. (2005). Aspects of Language Variation and Change in Contemporary Basque, NYU Dissertation.
  • Haddican, B. (2005). Two Kinds of Restructuring Infinitives in Basque, Proceedings of WCCFL 24.
  • Haddican, B. (2005). On Egin: Do-Support And Verb Focalization In Central And Western Basque, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. Proceedings of PLC 29.
  • Haddican, B. (2005). Standardization and Language Change in Basque, Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. Selected papers from NWAV 33.
  • Haddican, B. (2005). Standardization, Functional Shift and Language Change in Basque, Estudios de Sociolinguistica, 5(2).
  • Haddican, B. (2004). Affirmation and Weak Islands, Snippets, 9:9-10.
  • Haddican, B. (2004). Sentence Polarity and Word Order in Basque, The Linguistic Review, 21(2):81-124.
  • Szabolcsi, A. and B. Haddican. (2004). Conjunction Meets Negation: A Study in Cross-linguistic Variation, Journal of Semantics, 21(3): 219-249.
  • Haddican, B. (2003). Dialect Contact in a Southern Basque Town, Language Variation and Change, 15(1):1-35.
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Bill Haddican
Department of Language and Linguistic Science

Tel: 1904 432670