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Andrew Euan MacFarlane



Andrew has interests in social psychology and language, specifically in how people respond to information in their environment, and how everyday behaviours, judgments, and opinions are influenced by stimuli we are unaware of, such as speech. Andrew uses mostly experimental methods to investigate the link between social cues and Behaviour. He takes a behaviorist approach to his work, and his research focusses on how speech (or sound) can affect both linguistic and non-linguistic behaviour in both speaker and listener.

Andrew obtained his PhD in psychology from the University of Canterbury and New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour. Prior to this, he received his MLitt in linguistics, and an MA in business, from the University of Glasgow.

Departmental roles

  • First Year Coordinator

University roles

  • Member of UoY Marketing Steering Committee
  • Member of CEGBI



MacFarlane, A.E. and Stuart-Smith, J. 2012. 'One of them sounds sort of Glasgow Uni-ish'.: Social judgements and fine phonetic variation in Glasgow. Lingua, 122(7). 764–778.

MacFarlane, A. E., & Hay, J. 2015. Connecting linguistic variation and non-linguistic behaviour. Linguistics Vanguard. 10.1515/lingvan-2015-1002.

Llamas, C., Watt, D., & MacFarlane, A.E. 2016. Estimating the relative socilinguistic salience of segmental variables in a dialect boundary zone. Frontiers in Psychology,

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Andrew Euan MacFarlane
Department of Language and Linguistic Science
Vanbrugh College C Block
Room: V/B/216

Tel: (0)1904 322649