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Amanda Cardoso
Research Associate



Amanda Cardoso is currently a postdoctoral researcher on a project, which is conducted jointly by Queen Mary University of London and the University of York. Her research focuses on understanding language variation and change, the role of population movements in these processes, and the development of new methodologies for analysing speech sounds and socio-phonetic patterns. Previously, she held posts at the University of York, the University of Leeds, and Newcastle University.

She has led undergraduate and postgraduate modules on phonetics, phonology, sociolinguistics and dialectology and taught modules dealing with research and experimental methods. She completed her PhD research (Dialectology, Phonology, Diachrony: Liverpool English Realisations of PRICE and MOUTH) at the University of Edinburgh. This project investigated the influence of large-scale population movements on dialect emergence.


  • 2018 - Present: Postdoctoral Research Associate - ESRC-funded Project
  • Fall 2017: Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Voice and Identity (AHRC)
  • 2016-2017: Teaching Fellow, University of Leeds
  • 2015 - 2016: Associate Lecturer, University of York
  • 2015: Research Assistant, University of York
  • 2014–2015: Fixed-term Lecturer, Newcastle University
  • 2014: Fixed-term Lecturer, University of York
  • 2011–2014: Teaching Assistant, University of Edinburgh


  • 2011–2015: PhD in Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh
  • 2010–2011: MSc in Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh
  • 2002–2006: BA (Honours) in Linguistics, University of Victoria


Selected publications

  • Cardoso, Amanda. (in preparation). Canadian Raising in Liverpool English. Phonetica.
  • Romo, Nina, Amanda Cardoso and Nick Miller. (in preparation). Segmental diagnostics of Neurogenic and Functional Foreign Accent Syndrome. Journal of Neurolinguistics.
  • Hall-Lew, Lauren, Amanda Cardoso, Emma Davies (in press) Three Waves, One Story: The GOAT vowel in San Francisco English. In Lauren Hall-Lew, Emma Moore, Robert J. Podesva, eds. Social Meaning and Linguistic Variation: Theorizing the Third Wave.
  • Cardoso, Amanda, Lauren Hall-Lew, Yova Kementchedjhieva and Ruaridh Purse. (2016) Between California and the Pacific Northwest: The Front Lax Vowels in San Francisco English. In Valerie Fridland, Tyler Kendall, Betsy Evans and Alicia Wassink, eds. Speech in the Western States, Volume 1: The Coastal States. Publication of the American Dialect Society. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
  • Cardoso, Amanda. (2015). Variation in Nasal-Obstruent Clusters and its influence on PRICE and MOUTH in Scouse. English Language and Linguistics.
  • Hall-Lew, Lauren, Amanda Cardoso, Yova Kemenchedjieva, Kieran Wilson, Ruaridh Purse, and Julie Saigusa. (2015) San Francisco English and the California Vowel Shift. The Proceedings of the 18th International Conference of the Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS XVIII).
  • Cardoso, Amanda. (under revision). Pre-velar Raising in Western Canadian Dialects. American Speech.
  • Cardoso, Amanda and Patrick Honeybone. (submitted) Dorsal Fricative Assimilation can be quantity-sensitive in Liverpool English. Journal of Linguistics.

External activities


  • Association for Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon)
  • International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE)
  • Philological Society (PhilSoc)

Current Projects

Difference Factors in Hiring Situations.

  • Co-investigators: Erez Levon (Queen Mary University of London), Devyani Sharma (Queen Mary University of London), Dominic Watt, Yang Ye (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Funded by: ESRC

Influence of population movements on dialect emergence and change.

Sociophonetic variation of the GOAT vowel in San Francisco.

  • Co-investigators: Lauren Hall-Lew (University of Edinburgh), Emma Davies (University of Edinburgh).

Differences in speech production in Neurogenic vs Functional Foreign Accent Syndrome.

  • Co-investigators: Nina Romo, Nick Miller (Newcastle University).

Editorial duties

Reviewing for Journals

  • Phonetica
  • York Papers in Linguistics

Invited talks and conferences

  • Amanda Cardoso (2017). "Analysing Diphthong Dynamics. Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics." 30 November: Glasgow, UK.
  • Amanda Cardoso (2017). "Uncovering the Origins of Nucleus Raising in Liverpool English." Manchester Forum in Linguistics. 28 April: Manchester, UK
  • Amanda Cardoso (2015). "New-dialect Formation in Liverpool English: Does a deterministic approach work?" Language Variation and Change Group 12 November: York, UK.

Public Engagment

  • 2017 Invited Expert, Pygmalion Post–Show Discussion. 10 February: Public engagement, West Yorkshire Playhouse. Leeds, UK.

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Amanda Cardoso, Nina Romo, and Nick Miller (2018). Plosive Production by Speakers with Neurogenic vs Functional Foreign Accent Syndrome. International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association Conference. UPCOMING: St Julian’s, Malta.
  • Amanda Cardoso (2017). Input, Output and the Link between them in New-Dialect Formation. UK Language Variation and Change Conference. 31 August: Cardiff, UK.
  • Amanda Cardoso (2016). Uncovering the Origins of Nucleus Raising in Liverpool English: Dynamic Analysis of Diphthongs. LabPhon15. 15 July: Ithaca, USA 
  • Amanda Cardoso (2016). Origins of PRICE Nucleus Raising in Liverpool English. 7th Northern Englishes Conference. 14 April: Edinburgh, UK
  • Amanda Cardoso, Lauren Hall-Lew, Yova Kemenchedjieva, Kieran Wilson, Ruaridh Purse, and Julie Saigusa (2015). San Francisco English and the California Vowel Shift. The 18th International Conference of the Phonetic Sciences. 11 August: Glasgow, UK 
  • Amanda Cardoso (2014). A Canadian Raising Type Pattern in Scouse. 6th Northern Englishes Conference. 16 April: Lancaster, UK
  • Amanda Cardoso (2013). PRICE and MOUTH Phonologically Conditioned Variation in Scouse. UK Language Variation and Change Conference. 2 September: Sheffield, UK 
  • Amanda Cardoso (2013). PRICE and MOUTH Variation in Scouse. Language Variation and Change Research Group. 27 February: Edinburgh, UK
  • Amanda Cardoso (2012). Pre-velar Raising in Western Canadian Dialects. The Manchester and Salford New Researchers Forum in Linguistics. 2 November: Manchester, UK
  • Amanda Cardoso (2012). PRICE Vowel and Phonological Change. LEL Postgraduate Conference. 26 May: Edinburgh, UK
  • Amanda Cardoso (2012). PRICE Vowel and Phonological Change. 7th Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics. 14 March: Newcastle, UK

Contact details

Amanda Cardoso
Research Associate
Department of Language and Linguistic Science
Vanbrugh College C Block
Room: V/C/106

Tel: (01904) 322676