Accessibility statement

How to change your password

Before changing your password

Please note if you have Google two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on your account and you use the Google Prompts method:

  • After changing your University password you will be signed out of your account on the app/device you use to receive Google Prompts. You will need to sign back into your account using another 2FA method.
  • When you set up Google Prompts on your account you will have been prompted to set up another 2FA option (either text message/phone call passcodes, or a list of backup codes) if you didn’t already have one enabled on your account.

You can also generate some backup codes now so that you can use these to sign back into your account on your mobile device after you change your password.

Other Google 2FA methods and Duo two-factor authentication are not affected by changing your password.

The steps needed to change your password depend on whether or not you are currently using a managed laptop off campus. There are two sets of instructions below:

To change your password using a University managed laptop:

  1. If you are off campus, connect to the VPN. Otherwise, skip this step.
  2. Log in to York Identity Manager (IDM) 
  3. Select Change your password
  4. Generate a random password or select your own. See Choose a strong password for additional guidance
  5. Select Save
  6. Lock your screen (Windows key + L )
  7. Log in with new password

Otherwise, to change your password:

  1. Log in to York Identity Manager (IDM)
  2. Select Change your password
  3. Generate a random password or select your own. See Choose a strong password for additional guidance
  4. Select Save

Security questions

Setting security questions lets you reset your password if you've forgotten it, without the need to visit us. To set or update your security questions, log in to the York Identity Manager (IDM) with your username and password.

Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, and have set up security questions, visit York Identity Manager (IDM), enter your username, click on Forgot your password? and follow the instructions.

If you have not set security questions, you'll need to visit the IT Support with some identification.

Password expired?

If you're a member of staff, you can log in to York Identity Manager (IDM) for up to four weeks after your password has expired to change it.

During this time, you can also log in to a managed PC where a message will be displayed advising you to change your password.

Changing your password in stored locations

When you change your password, you may also need to change it in other stored locations.

If you're not prompted to do this automatically, instructions for how to change your password in common locations can be found below.

If you're using a managed Windows PC, your password will be automatically updated and you don't need to follow the steps below.