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Ongoing information security training is provided to staff by IT Services via MetaCompliance. Training courses include cyber security awareness and data protection.

You can access MetaCompliance if you have been provisioned into the service (see further information below). Access is via single sign on using your standard University credentials and the dual-factor authentication app, Duo.


MetaCompliance enables us to provide bite size training modules that are aligned with University priorities and the risks that the sector faces as a whole.

The platform is used to deliver ‘core’ cyber security and GDPR training for new starters as well as ongoing training and awareness content for staff throughout their employment.

Completion of information security training is mandatory and is the cornerstone of Information Security Policy. Completion is actively monitored by Information and Security Board (ISB).

Staff Provisioning

Core staff are enrolled into MetaCompliance within a week or two of joining the University and will then receive email prompts to invite them to complete training.

Associate staff working within Centre for Health Economics (CHE), Health Sciences (HS) and York Health Economics Consortium (YHEC) are also provisioned, but licences do not currently exist for wider associate use.

If you’re a new starter, please wait to receive your initial email to commence your training (you won’t be able to immediately log in until you’re provisioned).

Associate Staff

Associate staff members (non CHE, HS, and YHEC) have access to alternative Cyber Security and Data Protection training.

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    Questions and feedback can be logged with IT Support for the attention of the IT Security team.