Research computing

Computing facilites to support your research

How we can help you

  • Research support for all subjects
  • Faster analysis
    • Data that takes 40 days to process on a PC takes just 2 hours using the research cluster
  • Complex analysis
    • eg spatial analysis, large scale modelling, sound recognition

Explore our guide to find out more about the services we provide, and see the links below for further information, including how to get access to the various services:

Guide to Advanced Research Computing at York »

Facilities at York

Viking Cluster 

The new Viking Cluster.

High Performance Computing

York Advanced Research Computing Cluster (YARCC) is for researchers who need to develop and/or execute small compute jobs.

File storage

We can provide additional filestore for shared projects and large datasets.

Database infrastructure

For large and resource intensive database applications.

Central servers

Central Linux servers for project development.

Virtual servers

For hosting applications that need to be available to multiple people, or that require a server to run.

Space for equipment in our data centres

Create surveys

Our survey tool is designed for researchers.

Regional and national HPC facilities


N8 HPC is an EPSRC funded initiative involving the N8 Research Partnership.

N8 HPC facilites are available to all researchers based at York, subject to a light weight peer review.

Find out more about the N8 facilities and how to access them:

For any issues in using or running jobs on N8 HPC, please email

National facilities

Information on national HPC facilities available to researchers, how to gain access, what training courses are available and links to other useful resources can be found on the HPC website

Advice and support

Training courses and support in the use of research computing facilities are available - whatever your level of expertise

To find out how the Research and High Performance Computing service can help with your research, please get in touch via the Library & IT Help Desk.

We can advise you on which facilities to use, and how to use them.

Our Research Computing Support Centre offers appointments to research postgraduates and staff who need advice on on advanced computing topics.

Training courses are also available: