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Use this page to keep track of your IT account. For more information and help, see IT Services accounts.

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Password management

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Log in to York Identity Manager (IDM) to change your password, set your security questions or reset your password:


Check how much space you have left on your H:/M: drives

Optional facilities

Visit IDM and select Optional Facilities to register for:

Account information

View your account status, and list your non-personal accounts

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Edit your contact details in the online directory:


Google Workspace

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You can see how much space you're using by visiting the Drive Storage page.


Manage your York Print Plus jobs

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Check your printing/copying balance and make a payment, view and delete pending print jobs.

On-campus users only. Off campus users will need to connect through the VPN to view this page.

Information Systems

University Information Systems

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Request access to Information Systems and other services, and view current registration and existing requests:

New users

Set up your account

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If you are a new user, you need to set up your IT account before you can use any computing facilities.