York Print Plus EPrint

Print settings

Print settings can't be changed when using EPrint.

For example, you won't be able to print a document which has colour on it in black and white, or change the paper size.

EPrint enables you to upload or email documents that you wish to print.

This gives you an easy way to print from tablets or smartphones to the University printers.

You can print the following file types:

  • Microsoft Office
    • We don't recommend using EPrint for spreadsheets
  • OpenOffice
  • Adobe PDF documents
  • Images (JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF)

How to upload your documents

On-campus users can upload documents to print. If you're working off campus you will need to connect through the VPN.

To upload your documents

  1. Go to https://ypp-eprint.york.ac.uk
  2. Log on with your University username and password
  3. From the My Print Jobs tab or the Web Print tab, click Browse and select the document you wish to print, then click Next
  4. Once uploaded, the job will be processed and it will be added to your recently printed items list.  This will update with its current status (awaiting processing, printing, printed).

My Print Jobs screenshot

How to email your documents

From your University of York email account, send your print jobs to:

The email attachments will be printed, but the email itself will not be printed.

If you email a document type that is not supported, you'll be informed by an automated email. Supported documents in the same email will still be printed.

The email attachments will be shown with their document name on the York Print Plus printer display or under My Print Jobs on the EPrint webpage.

Printing from a non-York email address

If you wish to print from a non-York email address, you'll need to register the address first.

To do this:

This will link the non-York email address to your York Print Plus account.

If you email ypp-eprint@york.ac.uk before you have registered, you will receive an automated response with a link to the registration page.