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York Print Plus: FAQs about using the devices

We have now finished updating York Print Plus. The FAQs below refer to using the new devices.

What happens if I forget to log out of the MFD?

The York Print Plus device will automatically log you out after 60 seconds of inactivity.

How do I use the York Print Plus device if I have lost or forgotten my University card?

You can use the touchscreen (or keyboard depending on model) to sign in using your University username and password.

Does the fax work on the York Print Plus device?

Some devices will have fax enabled, check with local departmental users.

Does the scanner work on the MFD?

Yes, scanning can be performed on all MFDs.

  • Select Email function on the display of the MFD
  • Any scanned documents will be sent your University email address.

I need to print a booklet - what should I do?

All MFDs are capable of printing in booklet mode, however there is no facility for saddle stitch stapling. If you require professional booklet making, please send your job to Campus Copy & Print.

How long are print jobs kept?

Print jobs will be deleted after five days.

What are the printer defaults?

The printer defaults are double sided and black & white.

How do I stop a print or copy job?

When the job is in progress press the white paper icon in the top right of the screen, there will be the option to cancel the current job. It may take a few prints as the machine will clear what it has in the paper path but it does stop. 

What are the copy defaults?

The copy defaults are single sided black & white.

It may take a few prints as the machine will clear what it has in the paper path but it does stop.

How do I install a printer?

Instructions for installing the printers go to the York Print Plus section of the Printing web pages and select the appropriate link under the Guides section.

The York Print Plus device requires maintenance or is not working. What should I do?

If the machine fault is basic eg paper jam/toner needs replacing, you should seek assistance from any of the trained super users. For devices in student areas or any other faults please contact the IT Support.

Please give the following information:

  • Machine asset name (blue/white sticker on the device)
  • Location of the machine
  • Your name
  • Contact phone number

IT Services will then look into the issue and call out a technician if required.

The paper has jammed in the machine. It did not finish printing. What should I do?

The display of the device will display instructions on how to clear the jam. Please be careful when opening the parts of the machine as directed. Blue or Green areas inside are ok to touch/handle. Try not to touch rollers as fingerprints may transfer onto prints and copies. When closing the machine ensure any internal switches, catches etc. are reseated. Doors/hatches will not need forcing closed. If in doubt please contact the local super user or the IT Support Office.

If there is a jam (or toner/paper runs out) the device will cancel any jobs currently released to it when the current user logs out (or is logged out automatically).

Who is responsible for ordering the paper, ink, staples, etc?

Toner levels are monitored remotely by our supplier and are delivered direct to the department when levels drop below the set threshold. If you haven’t received a toner delivery please email

Staples will need to be requested via the IT Support Office.

Paper for staff devices is ordered via

The device has malfunctioned and spoilt my print job. How do I reclaim the cost?

If you are a student and your work has not printed out properly, for example if the pages are creased or smudged, take the spoilt job to the IT Support where you can get the cost credited back onto your York Print Plus account.

If you are staff and your job is spoiled please email the IT Support office.

How do I ensure my sensitive documents are kept confidential?

When you print using York Print Plus, you can collect your material as and when you need to. You can release your printing from any MFD on campus. To do this requires you to log on at the device by tapping your University Card or keying in your username and password. This ensures only the person who has sent the document to print is authorised to collect the output.

How can I recycle used toners?

HP toners

As part of the HP Planet partnership, we supply a box for recycling used HP consumables eg toner cartridges, fuser units and drum kits when York Print Plus is installed.

Please do not put staple cartridges into the recycling, return them to IT Support via the internal mail.

To have your cartridges collected or to request replacement boxes, you or your department's York Print Plus SuperUser(s) should arrange collections via the HP website:

Old: Non-HP toners

Staff and students can log a job with the facilities helpdesk and the Rapid Response Team will collect non-HP cartridges for off-site recycling.