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DCOs and IT Services

About our services

The A-Z of IT services on our website acts as a service catalogue of everything offered by IT Services:

  • A to Z of IT Services

You are also encouraged to read the IT Services user guide, which is available online and in print. They are distributed to all new users via their Departments

Contacting IT Services

The IT Support will normally be your first point of contact with IT Services - they will take details of your query and pass it on to the most appropriate person to answer it.

IT Services offer help with supported applications, supported connections, advice on security issues, purchasing through the approved suppliers, maintenance contracts, training queries etc.


We use incident management software called Footprints to track issues.

You can use the Footprints service desk to enter new issues, check the progress of existing issues, add log entries, and view the Knowledge Base.

Operational announcements

Announcements are made via:

Email: DCO mailing list

News channel: IT Services news

Social media: Twitter and Facebook

We also maintain a calendar of scheduled work, planned downtimes, at-risk periods, and other activities:

  • Scheduled Work and Events calendar

Campus network

About the network

Information about the network, including its speed and layers:

'Network at risk' period

Please note that during the following times, the network is designated to be 'at risk':

  • Tuesday 4am  - 9am
  • Thursday 7am - 9am

These are the times when maintenance work may be carried out on the Janet network. IT Services may also use these periods for planned maintenance of the local network or associated facilities.

Any significant planned downtime will be announced in advance, but very brief periods of downtime or low risk work during these times may not be announced. 

It is advisable to avoid planning network-dependent activities (eg IT training) during these times.

See the IT Services scheduled work & events calendar for more information.

Managed and unmanaged machines

Buying hardware for your department

See the purchasing pages.

Managed desktop:

Unmanaged machines: