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DCO Google Group

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How the DCO Google Group works

IT Services add new DCOs to the list of DCOs and to the DCO Google Group. The Group acts as a mailing list.

The Group's email address is

When you reply to a message, by default your message is sent to the sender only. You can choose Reply All if you want the message to go to the whole group (see the etiquette rules below).

IT Services use the Group to send out announcements about downtimes, new and updated services, and anything else that may be relevant.

What you can use the Google Group for

Anything relevant to the role of DCO. Other DCOs may be able to help with unsupported applications, advice on selection of hardware, and a range of other topics - the Group acts partly as a peer-support tool.

Remember that the IT Support is your first port of call for help with supported applications, supported connections etc.

Access for non-DCOs

Other relevant staff are welcome to join via the Google Groups interface:

System owners may find the service outage announcements particularly useful.

Etiquette rules for the Google Group

  • Don't send queries for IT Services to the Group
  • If your reply is for a specific person, send it to them, not to the group
  • If you  quote a message which was sent to you off-list, please ensure that you have the permission of the sender

Viewing older messages and managing how you receive mail

Use the Google Group web page to choose how you receive messages.

You can opt for a daily digest, every message as it is sent, or no mail at all.

You can also view the archive of messages, and respond to messages.

View the DCO Google Group »

Security email updates

Security information for anyone running systems or looking after computers on campus is available via the DCOs Google group.