Rachel Thwaites


After completing my MA (undergraduate) in joint honours History and Gender Studies at the University of Aberdeen I came to the Centre for Women’s Studies to pursue my MA in Women's Studies (Social Research). I wanted to go on studying and researching gender and the everyday organisation and experiences of women’s lives so continued at CWS for my PhD studying under the supervision of Stevi Jackson.

My ERSC funded project focuses on the decisions British women make with their last names on marriage and divorce and how these fit into a sense of gendered identity. Name changing on marriage continues to be, in general, the woman’s decision and is therefore a very gendered phenomenon. Naming practices on marriage shed light on the institution of marriage, heterosexuality, the organisation of our society, power, and identity creation. The project will be placed within wider sociological debates on modernity and individualisation.

Last Updated: July 31, 2014 | hb14@york.ac.uk

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