Workshop 3: Abstracts

Objects of Collecting in Naples and Naples as Object of Collecting, 18 September 2009 (Cambridge, CRASSH)

Melissa Calaresu: Melissa Calaresu (PDF , 64kb)
Collecting Neapolitans: The representation of street-sellers in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Naples
Melissa Calaresu (University of Cambridge)

Martin Deasy : Martin Deasy (PDF , 31kb)
Così fan tutte
and Naples: lyric beauty as couleur locale

Martin Deasy (University of Oxford)

Dinko Fabris: Dinko Fabris (PDF , 45kb)
Collections and dissemination of Neapolitan music in Europe in seventeenth- and eighteenth centuries
Dinko Fabris (University of Salento at Lecce)

Helena Hammond: Helena Hammond (PDF , 83kb)
'Landed identity and the Bourbon Neapolitan state: Claude-Joseph Vernet and the politics of the
Siti reali
Helena Hammond (University of Surrey)

Barbara Naddeo: Barbara Naddeo (PDF , 21kb)
Neapolitan Itineraries: Re-collecting the City in Histories and Guides to Naples
Barbara Naddeo (CUNY: The City College of New York)