Workshop 2: Abstracts

Topography and Piety: Naples Afflicted, 3 April 2009 (Kings Manor, University of York)

Paola D’Agostino: Paola D’Agostino (PDF , 51kb)
Carmelite Altarpieces by Cosimo Fanzago: Spanish patronage and Neapolitan devotion

Paola D’Agostino (University of Naples Federico II)

Silvana d'Alessio: Silvana d'Alessio (PDF , 101kb)
The parabola of Masaniello: from David to Antichrist
Silvana d'Alessio (University of Salerno)

Harald Hendrix: Harald Hendrix (PDF , 37kb)
Alternative topographies of piety: pilgrimages to Neapolitan sites of literary and artistic remembrance, ca 1500-1700

Harald Hendrix (University of Utrecht)

Helen Hills: Helen Hills (PDF , 17kb)
The Matter of Holiness: San Gennaro's Blood and the Treasury Chapel

Helen Hills (University of York)

Marino Niola and Marzia Mauriello: Marino Niola and Marzia Mauriello (PDF , 37kb)
The Force of the Volcano: collective antedotes and defences

Marino Niola (Istituto Universitario Suor’Orsola Benincasa, Naples) and Marzia Mauriello

Thomas Willette: Thomas Willette (PDF , 37kb)
Reading De Dominici topographically: Mental maps and the places of piety

Thomas Willette (University of Michigan)