CFP: Naples and Spain: Cultural and Intellectual Networks (1500-1800)

The next Neapolitan Network conference will take place on 24 October 2014 in Barcelona.  The conference will be hosted by the Department of Early Modern History, University of Barcelona, and the research group, Power & Representations: Cultural Transfers in the Modern Age, which has recently published the on-line exhibition: Exchanging Views. The Viceroys of Naples and the Image of the Monarchy of Spain in the Baroque Age (

This one-day conference will focus on relations between Naples and Spain, to include cultural and intellectual networks both within and outside of governmental sphere, for example, in relation to the history of collections, the history of science, and, more broadly, the history of material culture. Comparison with other Spanish imperial contexts would also be welcome.

Speakers will include Attilio Antonelli, Gabriel Guarino, Robin L. Thomas, Luis Fé Cantó and Paola D'Alconzo (first session, chair Melissa Calaresu), Eugènia Fosalba, Rafaella Pilo, Stephen Cummins and Joana Fraga ( chair: Silvana d’Alessio). Programme: NN in Barcelona- program (PDF , 669kb)

Arts and Humanities Research Council