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A dynamic model of adult smoking related costs and consequences for England

Most estimates of the harms from smoking are based on a snapshot taken for a single year.  For example, Parrott et al (1998) estimated the NHS costs of treating smoking related diseases in the UK as being between £1.4 million and £1.7 million.  Estimates of such costs of the life years lost from smoking related diseases are useful background information but do not indicate how consequences may change as the patterns of smoking change either for the population as a whole or for specific sub-groups. Responding to priorities identified by DH policy teams, this project aims to build a dynamic model of smoking-related consequences which would be used to simulate changes arising from changing smoking patterns. In collaboration with the Public Health Research Consortium, York.


Funder(s): Department of Health
Start Date: 01-Aug-2007
Expiry Date: 31-May-2009


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Mental Health and Addiction Research in the Department of Health Sciences