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What Our Students Say

What is the difference between school and university?

University of York students will tell you about the changes to expect and the exciting new opportunities to pursue your own interests

How much work do you have to do at university and how do you manage it?

Hear about the ways in which York students manage their workload with the help provided by tutors and the VLE: York's Virtual Learning Environment, which has all the information you need for every one of your modules.

What if I don't understand something?

The University of York has several support systems for you, including personal supervisors and student-run online chat groups.

Do you have to speak in class?

The short answer is no, but you will develop the confidence to share your ideas and help shape class discussions.

What if I need help with my writing?

York offers online Writing Resources, as well as one-on-one help through the Royal Literary Fund Fellows and the Writing Centre.

Do you have time for activities outside of classes?

Students do more than just their coursework. You will be able to join a wide variety of clubs, societies, and sports teams, do volunteer and part-time work, act in drama performances, play music, and even serve as a student ambassador.

What is it like living in halls?

York's student housing has quiet spaces for studying and common rooms to meet with new friends.

What is the best part of studying English at York?

Students say it is the range of topics: from Old Norse to Japanese short stories, to film, music, and social media. At York you can study well-known writers like Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Zadie Smith and exciting works from around the world. 

What are your plans after university and how did York help you prepare for your career?

Hear about the options you have as an English graduate and the skills you will develop studying at York. The Careers Services department and regular careers fairs can help you to pursue opportunities including careers in law, teaching, and even project management at an international construction firm. York students are also among the best prepared in the country to pursue MA degrees in English as well as Marketing.