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System and IC Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference

Modern electronic systems are complex and prediction of their immunity to Electromagnetic Interference is a challenging problem. However if immunity and modes of failure could be predicted it would be a valuable tool for system designers. Manufacturers do little characterisation of IC immunity so we must characterise the behaviour of ICs before incorporating them in larger systems. We use both direct injection and coupling via a parallel plate transmission line to characterise integrated circuits.

The complexity of detailed modelling, of even simple sytems, is prohibitive so we are investigasting the use of statistical techniques to predict failure of system components. We use our reverberation chamber to measure the immunity of small systems and aim to relate the failure statistics of systems with the measured component behavour and a knowledge of the physical layout and interconnect.


  • Toby Araund
  • John Dawson
  • Martin Robinson
  • Andy Marvin


  • Start: October 2005