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Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library (OpenAIR)

The AHRC funded Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library (OpenAIR) project brings together resources relating to much of our work in Virtual Acoustics. Sites that we have acoustically surveyed, together with results generated from acoustic models are documented and archived, providing a rich resource of impulse response measurements for commercial audio software and computer games developers, composers, musicians and sound artists.

The impulse response data is available in various common spatial audio formats (stereo, B-format, 5.1), and access to the raw audio information is also possible for deriving new versions where needed. The impulse response database is also supported with a variety of anechoic material. Most recent work has involved developing OpenAIR for the Web Audio framework.

OpenAIR data can be found in leading digital audio workstations Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason and Presonus Studio One and has also been used by Codemasters in their driving games and the BBC.


  • Damian Murphy
  • Helena Daffern
  • Gavin Kearney
  • Jude Brereton


  • AHRC