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What could a longer school day mean for teachers?

Posted on 8 November 2021

Dr Lisa Kim and Professor Kathryn Asbury write about the potential impact extending the school day would have on teachers, a strategy being considered to mitigate potential learning losses from the pandemic.

Kim and Asbury have been conducting an ESRC-funded project called "Being a teacher in England during COVID-19" (Kim & Asbury; 2020-present), which covered topics such as teachers' mental health and wellbeing levels throughout the pandemic and the impact of Covid-19 has been having on their roles. In an article in The Conversation, Kim and Asbury weigh up the benefits to pupils of extending the school day, while balancing this against the mental health and wellbeing of teachers.

Read article, 'Would a longer school day help children catch up after the pandemic? Here's what the evidence says' ( Also, please join them in the ESRC-funded webinar "Teachers reflect: What has it been like being a teacher during COVID-19?" on 11 November 6-7pm.