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Student nameResearch interests

Waleed Al-Hashmi

Designing a selection system for students applying to the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in Oman

Faiza Al-Hasni

The use of the motivational strategies in the EFL classroom: Colleges of Technology in the Sultanate of Oman.

Salama Al-Ruqaishi

Teachers' motivation

Badriah Algarni

The Effects of Digital Games on Student Mathematical Achievement and Motivation in Saudi Arabia Primary Schools

Mazen Almulla

Exploring the use of Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) in Saudi Arabia

Jenan Alrefae

Identify a good practice in teaching reading in English as a foreign language to primary government students in Kuwait

Afrah Bagazi

Improving self regulation skills and its impact of the self concept of children with learning difficulties in KSA

Rosanna Bawn

How the effect of siblings and birth order on Theory of Mind development shapes vocational interests and other variables in adolescents 

Sarah Crellin

Formative assessment: marking and feedback in primary schools with a particular focus on pupil responses

Madeleine Crosswaite

Teacher perceptions of genetic influences on educational achievement

Xi Ding

Early childhood education in urban China: a case study of early childhood education programme in Nanjing city

Sarah Dowey


Genan El-Ashhab

Techniques of teaching reading comprehension to second language learners

Zozonaebi Frederick

An exploration of play pedagogy in Nigerian early childhood education

Nara Han

The effects of scaffolding types and the level of self-regulated learning ability on learning outcomes (learning satisfaction, academic achievement) of Flipped Learning environment in Higher Education

Wan Elia Haslee Sharil

Developing a reflective practice model for TESL pre-service teachers

Khayala Ismayilova

A comparative analyses of teachers' motivation and job satisfaction in two post-soviet countries

Man Jiang

Effectiveness of non-native English speaking teachers on removing psychological/emotional obstacles/negative emotions to second language learning of ESL students

Maria Lopez Romero

The role of bystanders in bullying

Ada Onuorah

Variations in early childhood and primary education in Africa and western countries: A comparative study of Nigeria and United Kingdom

Laura Oxley

A mixed method comparative case study on the views of teachers, working in mainstream schools and in alternative provision, about the reasons behind pupil misbehaviour

Lutfi Ozturk

Behaviour management and development strategies in primary schools: A comparison of primary school head-teachers perspectives and practices in Turkey and the UK

Fairuz Rusdi

Perfectionism in Malaysian academicians: Relationship with job burnout and resilience

Natalie Smith

Reading comprehension skills in children learning English as an additional language

Owen Symons

The effect of assessments on student wellbeing and mental health

Polly Thorpe

The impact of co-constructed story writing on children, parents and schools

Jordan Warren


Xinyuan Xu

An achievement goal theory perspective on influences of senior high schools┬┐ awards systems on college students┬┐ academic achievements.

Zeyang Yang

The impact of mobile phone addiction on Chinese university students: Considering test anxiety and academic procrastination

Professor Rob Klassen

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