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How polygenic risk scores might be used within Education in the coming years

Posted on 12 September 2018

Kathryn Asbury shared her thoughts on how polygenic risk scores might be used within education in the coming years in this TES cover feature published on 7 September 2018.

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Research has reached a point where scientists believe that a ‘risk score’ based on genetics can provide a more accurate prediction of a child’s future educational outcomes than their family income. So, what will education do with this new power? Genetics researcher Kathryn Asbury explains all…

It is the summer before your four-year-old, let’s call her Ella, starts primary school and life takes on a new rhythm. Uniform and shoes have been bought, labelled and put away more reverently than they ever will be again. You have prepared Ella for the intricacies of making friends, listening to teachers and eating school dinners; you’ve told her (with feigned confidence) that she will have a wonderful time. You’re both as school-ready as you’re going to be.

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