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Affiliated PhD students

The following are a selection of the over 50 PhD students affiliated with CREMS. 

NameThesis titleDepartmentSupervisor

Jessica Ayres

Women's Economic and Legal Roles in London's Court of Orphans, 1660-1720 History Natasha Glaisyer

Fabrizio Ballabi (WRoCAH)

The Architecture of Governmental Machine: the relationship between the architectural and administrative interventions designed by Bourbon Rulers to restructure the newly formed kingdom politically and economically following their arrival in Naples in 1734 History of Art Helen Hills

Lauren Mignon Berghorst

‘Optimam partem elegit’ – Early Modern Depictions of Mary Magdalene as Moral Exemplum Regarding Female Sexuality and Subordination English Helen Smith

Sarah Betts

"Wrong but Wromantic": Remembering and Representing Civil War Royalists and Royalism in England, 1642-present History Geoff Cubitt

Charlotte Brace

Perceptions of Disability in Late Medieval and Early Modern Literature English Helen Smith

Jane Campbell

The Search for Order: British utopias and experimental societies in the New World, 1516-1732 History David Wootton/Sophie Weeks

Sierra Carter

Epistolary Culture And Early Modern English Drama, 1580-1642 English  Helen Smith 

Aidan Collins

Bankruptcy in the Court of Chancery, 1674-1750 History Natasha Glaisyer

Jordan Cook

Settings and Subjects in Early Netherlandish Painting History of Art Jeanne Nuechterlein

John Dickinson   (MA by Research)

The interpretive value of a humorous approach to the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder History of Art Jeanne Nuechterlein

Thomas Flowers

The Reform of Christian Doctrine in the Catechisms of Peter Canisius, SJ History Simon Ditchfield

Vittoria Forliti

Lyrical Confessions in Early Modern Devotional Verse English Brian Cummings
Dominic Gavin  Marvell and the Book of Nature. The reading and misreading of nature in seventeenth-century pastoral English Kevin Killeen
Myles Hartley English 17th-century Latin music Music Jonathan Wainwright
Sian Hibbert Violence in Languedoc, 1680-1720 History Stuart Carroll
Georgia Ingles Early Modern Bibliotherapy English Helen Smith
Nina Kümin Fantasising about the past. A baroque violinist’s guide to improvising fantasias Music Peter Seymour
Frances Long Children's Sleep in England, c1650-1830 History Mark Jenner
Rebecca Mencaroni (about to submit) The vestibule underneath the Duomo of Siena and thirteen-century devotional practices History of Art Amanda Lillie
Niko Munz The interior in early Netherlandish painting: shrine, room, portrait History of Art Jeanne Nuechterlein
Grace Murray Imagining a Space for Science in Early Modern How-To Manuals English Helen Smith
Charlotte Newcombe Formal Forces: Mid-Seventeenth Century Women's Poetry and Intellectual Culture English Kevin Killeen
Jasmine (Shou) Niu Shakespeare in China: Adaptation, Reworking English Helen Smith
Andrea Paquin Thou never shouldst love woman like to me': Male Love, Male Friendship, and the Complexities (or Absence?) of Gender in Shakespeare's Comedies English Helen Smith

Maureen Pickman

Women as Readers and Agents of the Circulation of Catholic Texts between 1600-1800 English Brian Cummings
Connor Robinson The 'Essence' of Churches and States, from Hobbes to Locke Politics

Tim Stanton/Tim Stuart-Buttle

Hannah Rodger A re-examination of the musical practices of the seventeenth-century, high-church Laudians Musc Jonathan Wainwright
Jimena Ruiz Marron “No Musick’s better than the Winds do make”: Soundscapes in seventeenth-centurywomen’s writings History  Mark Jenner/Emilie Murphy 
Adam Sammut Rubens and the Dominican Church in Antwerp History of Art Cordula van Wyhe
The Stationers’ Community in England, c.1557-1666 History Mark Jenner
Antoinette Saxer The Fortunes of Aristotle's Politics in the Italian and French Renaissance Politics Tim Stanton/Tim Stuart-Buttle 
H. Glen Taylor Industrious Gentlemen and the Authority of Individual Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century England History Sophie Weeks
The relationship between domestic interiors and inhabitants in Palazzo Strozzi c1500-c1700 History of Art Anthony Geraghty
Valeria Viola Architecture, Devotion, Family Life. Chapels in Aristocratic Houses of Baroque Palermo, 1650-1780 History of Art Helen Hills
Anjali Vyas-Brannick Theorising Biocitizenship, 1550-1660 English Helen Smith
Liz Waring “Most Women have no Characters at all”: Gender and Agency in Godfrey Kneller’s Portraits of Women 1676-1723 History of Art  Richard Johns 
Mareike Wehner  Interpicturality in Dutch paintings from the Golden Age History of Art  Jeanne Nuechterlein/Cordula van Wyhe 
Eleanor Wilson (WRoCAH) Self-Fashioning and International Artistic Patronage of Merchants in Pre- and Post-Reformation London: The Merchant Taylors 1400-1610 History of  Art Jeanne Nuechterlein/Tim Ayers
Kirsty Wright  St Stephen's College and the Palace of Westminster, 1554-1698: Politics, Patronage and Space  History  John Cooper 
Mathilde Zeeman Sacrament and Soteriology in Lancelot Andrewes’s Elizabethan and Early Jacobean Preaching English Brian Cummings