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Histotech provides a complete histotechnology service from experimental planning, through sample processing and imaging, to reporting.  Histotech’s engagement throughout a project will mitigate risk in costly animal or in vitro trials and maximize the results as well as reducing the risk of failure or artefact.  Histotech specialises in small scale troubleshooting and optimisation work and can deliver protocols to GLP standards where scale-up is required.

Cutting Edge services

  • High quality manual processes
    - improves trouble shooting opportunities, and allows flexibility in the design and process generating higher quality results.
  • Highly experienced staff
    - predict problems where they might arise, mitigate for those risks and employ correct controls.
  • Unique procedures for tissue engineering samples
    - allows processing of samples that cannot be processed by other histology labs, producing higher quality and increased chance of results.
  • Latest technologies
    - cutting-edge technology can extract more information from each sample.
  • Planning optimisation
    - planning of the histology requirements by experienced practitioners saves time and money and prevents the unnecessary repetition of trials.
  • Synthetic scaffold processes
    - developed to allow embedding, sectioning and subsequent staining or immunolabelling of both synthetic and natural materials despite their sensitivity temperature and to the wide range of solvents used in standard protocols.


Find out more

The Histotech webpage provides additional information about:

  • facilities available
  • design and planning services
  • embedding and sectioning methodologies

Who to contact

  • Dr Simon Baker
    01904 328766