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Robert Hay account

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Robert Hay account


Robertus Hay de Knapton' circiter xxiii annorum etatis libere condi[tionis] … vel affinis ut dicit in causa predicta testis productus iuratus et examinatus dicit quod inter f…. elapsum ipse deponens et Edwardus Hewitson a civitate eorum p ….. ubi ascenderunt unum lez steill ipse videlicet Edwardus primo d… lez steill et ipso deponenti ut dicit super lez Steill idem Edwardus vertebat se super ist….. osculabatur ipsum deponentem and wold neid feilt his membrs videlicet istius deponentis … dicit idem deponens et cesyne him in stroglyng to look on contid ….. and in that same ther come ii mene and on child ipso deponente et dicto Edwardo … steill struglyng and in commyng if ther mene and the child he left … de ipsorum hominum adventu

Examinati fuerunt predicti tres testes xv die Jan[uarii] …


Robert Hay of Knapton, about 23 years old, of free condition . . or household as he says a witness in the aforesaid case produced, sworn and examined he says that between … elapsed the same deponent and Edward Hewitson from their city where they climbe one of the stiles that is the same Edward first … and the same Edward turned himself towards the same deponent as he says over the stile and kissed the deponent and would need [have] felt his members, that is of this deponent, and the same deponent says that he seized him in struggling to look on contid… and in that same [place] there ceme two men and one child with this deponent and the samd Edward … the stile struggling and in comming of the men and the child he left … from the arrival of these men.