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Robert Carrok account

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Robert Carrok account


Robert Carrok de Overpopleton ultra xxx annorum etatis libere condi[tionis] .. testis in causa predicta iuratus et examinatus dicit quod circiter decem annos …. Tunc vidue qui Edwardus movebat istum deponentem ut c… qui Edwardus ut dicit iste deponens venit diversis vicibus a…. diversis vicibus invenit istum deponentem in lecto ad quem venit … deponen’ in manu sua et thrust it so that he wold spend his …. And wold have spend his natur in at the atch istius deponentis … myght never well styr him self well sens interrogatus au sit …. conductus nec deponet ex malicia ut dicit .

Examinati fuerunt isti duo testes xvi die Januarii anno domini millesimo quingentesimo deci[mo] … Fayder auditore eorum decani et capituli ecclesie Ebor’ … curie eorum advocatus de depositio …


Robert Carrok of Over Poppleton over thirty years of age, of free [condition] .. a witness in the aforesaid cause, sworn and examined, says that about ten years … then of a widow, which Edward encouraged this deponent that …. Which Edward, as this deponent says, travelled in [or to] many places from … in [or to] many places be discovered this deponent in bed to whom he came … the deponent in his hand and thrust it so that he would spend his … and would have spent his nature in at the hatch of this deponent … might never well stir himself well since asked whether he was … taught nor deposes from malice as he says.

These two witnesses were examined on the 16 January in the year of Our Lord 151.. Fayder, auditor of the dean and chapter of York … advocate of their court by the deposition …