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George Browne account

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George Brown account


Georgius Browne de Overpopleton circiter xxv annorum etatis ut cred[itur] … productus iuratus necnon partium consanguineus vel affinis ut …. Die dominica predicta noctem proximum post festum santi Martini in hieme ad quinque annos … Overpopleton et quando postquam bibebat idem Edwardus ipse Edwardus caus… ipsius Edwardi ubi ipse Edwardus et iste deponens iniverunt pariter ad lectum et …..accepit istum deponentem in brachiis suis et incepit fliker and kise istum deponentem in brac[hiis] …firmiter videlicet fast in brachiis suis ut deponentur qui deponens dicit quod ipse deponens non volebat … suam qui deponens ut dicit wald have beyn fro hym furth of the bed … istum deponentem ut deponentur strait and tenuit ipsum deponentem per membra videlicet me ... et dixit si fuisset a fayr wenche then wold turne to h… body istius deponentis et lay bowsyng of the body istius iurati … qui Edwardus fecit totum corpus istius deponentis madidum et … delyng et tunc dictus Edwardus supplicabat isto iur[ato] … quadraginta solid’ quod narreretur qualiter dicit dictus Edward[us] ….. interrogatus an deponet ex malicia dicit quod non sed ad dicendum veritatem …. Interrogatus dicit quod non est conductus nec instructus.


George Browne of Over Poppleton, about 25 years of age as it is believed … produced, sworn and not related or of the household of either party …. On the Sunday aforesaid on the night next after the feast of St Martin in Winter five years ago … Over Poppleton and when after this Edward had drunk the same Edward … of the same Edward where the same Edward and this deponent both went to bed and … he took this deponent in his arms and began to flicker (meaning: caress) and kiss this deponent in his arms … firmly, that is fast in his arms as he deposes, which deponent says that the same deponent did not want … his which deopnent, as he says, would have been [away] from him forth of the bed … this deponent, as he deposes, strait and held this deonent by the limbs, that is … and he said if only he was a fair wench then would turne to … the body of this deponent and lay bowsing (usual meaning: drinking) of the body of this witness … which Edward made this deponent’s whole body wet and … dealing and then the said Edward asked this witness … forty shillings which was told … as he says the said Edward … asked whether he bore witness from malice he said no but in order to speak the truth … the witness says that he was not coached or instructed [in what to say].