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Former PhD students (graduated from 2010)


 StudentThesis titleYear
Alexander Holton    2010
Andrew Jamieson Mesolithic Seafaring and the Isle of Man  2012
Annalisa Christie    2010
Beatrice Demarchi    2009
Ben Elliott Red deer in the Mesolithic  2012
Carolyn Gaunt    2010
Christopher Gibson Understanding the Rural and Urban Experiences of Perpendicular Architecture in the East Riding of Yorkshire, c. 1400-1540  2011
Cynthianne Spiteri    2012
Edward Blinkhorn The Mesolithic and the Planning Process  2012
Erica Kempf    2011
Eva Fairnell    2011
Gemma  Moy Mesolithic Neolithic transition  2012
Hayley Saul    2011
Hilary Paterson Personal adornment in Celtic societies  2012
Holly Wright Seeing Triple: Archaeology, Field Drawing and the Semantic Web  2011
Isabella von Holstein    2012
Joanne Powell    2012
Leslie Johansen    2010
HEEAL: geomorphology and geochemistry  2011
Nienke Van Doorn LECHE: protein mass spectrometry  2012
Oliver Jones  The Queen's Men on Tour  2012
Rachel Parks Coastal resources in the Mesolithic  2012
Simon McGrory    2012
HEEAL: zooarchaeology of the caravan trade  2012
Timur Tatlioglu    2010